Follow @thedailybeast tumblr home politics business video entertainment fashion books art women in the world newsweek featured: debates the hero project andrew sullivan howard kurtz david frum lifestyle   content section how do you mend a broken heart? Mar 13, 2009 8:00 pm edt choosing the best treatment for your coronary-artery disease can be a pain. viagra pills Print email comments wayne leposavic was surprised when routine tests indicated heart trouble and a subsequent angiogram found three blocked arteries surrounding his heart. The 79- year-old real-estate developer felt no chest pain and had always been healthy. So before having the coronary artery bypass graft (cabg) surgery that his cardiologist recommended, he decided to get a second opinion. buy cheap viagra And then a third. One doctor told him that without surgery he would surely die of a heart attack. generic viagra without prescription Another told him that a few standard medications would keep him alive and healthy for years to come. And a third doctor suggested angioplasty with drug-eluting stents, a procedure that mechanically widens vessels with miniature balloons and then props those vessels open with tiny mesh tubes that slowly release heart medications. First he tried the noninvasive approach: eating better, exercising more and taking the standard medications (aspirin, ace inhibitors and beta blockers). buy viagra canada But even as his condition improved, his peace of mind continued to deteriorate. "it was like having a sword of damocles over my head," he says. cheap generic viagra canada Eventually, he gave in and had the surgery. That was three years ago. "i'm healthy and alive today," he says. "but which treatment did the trick is still a mystery. viagra generika online bestellen " it's a mystery even the most prominent heart doctors would be hard-pressed to solve. Americans now average nearly 500,000 bypass surgeries and more than 1 million angioplasty procedures annually, totaling more than $100 billion in medical costs. buy viagra cheap Yet, as those numbers climb, fueled by technological advances and soaring rates of coronary-artery disease (cad), doctors and patients worry that the decision to pursue one treatment over another is based more on professional bias and patients' misperceptions than it is on sound science. Bypass surgery, angioplasty and noninvasive medical treatments each come with their own cadre of devotees, and members of one camp often don't communicate with members of the other. Meanwhile, experts say, patients often assume that surgery or angioplasty will help them live longer, even though numerous studies have failed to show any such benefit. So how do you know which treatment is best for you? 300 mg dose viagra You should ask yourself (and your doctor) two questions. viagra canada First: are medication and lifestyle changes sufficient or not? And second: if they aren't, which procedure is best for you? Try answering that first question before you even have an angiogram (the diagnostic procedure that probes your heart vessels for blockages), says mark hlatky, a professor of cardiovascular medi. GSA of 


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